Moos Booysen

The Knysna Independent Movement proudly announces Moos Booysen as the candidate for Knysna Ward 3 in the local government elections 2021.

Moos was born in Harkerville and has been residing in Nekkies for 25 years. He attended Knysna Secondary School and completed a first-aid certification and computer literacy training. He is currently working as an undertaker at a Knysna funeral parlour. He previously also worked as a driver for a distribution company and worked for several years as a supervisor-driver in the municipal parks department. 

He, currently, also serves his community as a Reverend of the Church of Moria, which he founded in 2006. In this capacity, he served as the chairperson of the United Council Of Churches from 2006 until 2012.

Reverend Moos will pursue the following priorities in Council on behalf of Ward 3: 

  • Combatting corruption, especially in tenders and housing by ensuring transparent reporting of tender awards to Council, so that corruption can be detected and addressed and by approaching Province to audit the housing beneficiary waiting list.
  • Lobbying for bulk infrastructure investment into roads and storm water, looking at innovative ways to provide dignified basic sanitation services for people still living in informal areas, exploring safe ways of upgrading informal settlements on steeps slopes and negotiating with SANRAL for an acceleration of traffic calming around the Nekkies/Oupad N2 interchange to facilitate pedestrian safety. 
  • Prioritising economic development and job creation initiatives, such as supporting the development of the Sanlam Mall area into an attractive space for entrepreneurs to do business and exploring how the management of the forested areas around the ward can create jobs. 
  • Promoting safety and security by installing CCTV cameras in hotspots, ensuring that there is adequate lighting provision, as well as managed social spaces for the youth, lobbying SAPS for satellite and increased policing and establishing neighbourhood watch groups. 
  • Establishing cooperative relationships with other government departments to attract improved provision of health and social services to the people in the ward.