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Dis nie meer Luthuli House en Cape Town nie, dis nou Knysna vir Knysna!


The Knysna Independent Movement (hereinafter referred to as “KIM” or “the Movement”) subscribes to the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

The formation of the Movement is the result of a consultation process, involving ratepayers and residents of the town of Knysna.

Knysna residents have identified an urgent need to establish an independent political party for Knysna and the surrounding district (the Garden Route District Municipality or “GRDM”). The movement will participate only in Knysna Municipality and GRDM local government elections and will not be aligned to or answerable to any political parties at national or provincial level.


The Movement shall strive to unite residents and ratepayers of Knysna from all communities in a new political home, built on the foundation of the principles and ideals of our National Constitution

The town will be governed by the people of Knysna, for the benefit of the people of Knysna.

The Movement will govern for the greater good of the community as a whole and will not be dictated to or unduly influenced by other political parties or lobbyists representing narrow interest groups.

The Movement shall cooperate with other municipalities as well as Provincial and National Government in the interest of the residents of Knysna, to ensure that all three levels of Government function effectively and that the interests of the whole population of Knysna are best served.

The Movement strives to unite the creative power inherent in the diversity of all the residents of Knysna and will co-operate with all stakeholders to strive to become a town that works for all through good governance and civil order, by ensuring individual freedom accompanied by individual responsibility, dignity and quality of life.

The Movement shall be secular, but respect the freedom of religion, culture and traditions of our diverse communities

The Movement shall promote a culture of consultation with communities, in order to create mutual responsibility for good and balanced governance.

The Movement shall uphold the Constitution and the laws of the Republic at all times, combat corruption and maladministration and strive to achieve cost effective and excellent service delivery in order to restore the confidence of the residents of Knysna in the governance structures of the town and district.


Whereas KIM is registered as a political party to enable it to participate effectively in local government elections in Knysna, the Movement is not intended to be a home to career politicians. The Movement will strive to attract from civil society experienced and/or appropriately qualified public representatives who aim to work toward the achievement of good governance and service excellence, for the benefit of the people of Knysna.

We strive to unite all communities of Knysna in a new political home, where the town is governed by local representatives, who are answerable to the people of Knysna only, and who govern for the benefit of the people of Knysna.

We aim to address poverty and economic imbalances in our town through improved infrastructure, clean governance and effective service delivery, thereby making our town an attractive destination for tourists, investors and residents alike.

We aim to ensure that the administration of the municipality is composed of qualified, competent, honest and reliable officials who are appointed and promoted lawfully and on merit

We subscribe to the principle of custodianship of the unique natural assets and rich biodiversity our town and planet has been endowed with and will strive to protect these assets and our planet for the benefit of future generations

We aim to protect the cultural and heritage assets as well as the sense of place of our town, Knysna

Our public representatives will be guided by the laws of the land and the will of their constituents when voting on matters in Council

We believe that transparency is paramount and therefore, constituents must be given regular feedback and must be provided access to information in all but the most extreme cases where countervailing interests must prevail

KIM Leadership

Our Interim Executive Committee will lead the Party until the Annual General Meeting The members are:

Chairman:  Rex Hart

Deputy Chairman:  John Metelerkamp   

General Secretary: Siena van Schoor         

Deputy General Secretary: Barbara Bamber        

Treasurer: Claudia Pirker

Additional members:

Eunice Lodewyk           

Phillip Cooper           

Michael Elliot  

Susan Campbell


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