We would just like to extend a huge thank you for all the support we received from those in the Greater Knysna area. We truly appreciate it and to those that entrusted us with your votes, an especially big thank you and we will do our best moving forward

Donations needed

A request from Liz Beard (Epilepsy board member):

“We, Epilepsy, are looking for 2nd hand goods that can be donated to the Epilepsy charity shop.. we have just moved into a new shop in Knysna. The old Red Cross shop. We are wanting to improve our shop decor and get better stock ready for the Christmas season.

We are specifically looking for mannequins for shop window clothing display… lamps, lamp shades and lights, anyone who can assist with buying paint to get shelves painted and shop wall painted.

In general the shop needs the following for stock to sell: home ware, kitchen ware, furniture & clothing.

Please let me know if you are prepared to help in any way!!!

Thanks so much…PS…we also need people to spread the word of what we need to their network so the drive becomes more effective!!!!

Deliveries can be made to the shop in Long street or to me at home or Autolink…

🙏🙏🙏🙏😬👏👏Liz Beard”


The Proportional Representation “PR” system works to make your vote count:

Knysna has 21 elected Councillors, 11 Ward Councillors and 10 proportional representative (“PR”) Councillors nominated by their parties. In order to govern a party has to have 11 Councillors.

On November 1st you will receive three ballots:

• a Ward Councillor ballot

• a Party ballot to elect PR Councillors

• a Garden Route District Municipality ballot

The first ballot decides which candidate wins in each Ward. The second ballot supports the PR seats for the party. The first two ballots then go towards deciding the total number of seats any party will be allocated in the Knysna Council. A smaller party such as KIM may not win a Ward outright, but when the votes from every Ward are added up they may still get several PR councillors, irrespective of whether any wards are won.

No vote for KIM will be wasted. Each and every vote counts towards the allocation of PR seats in the Knysna Municipality.

The third ballot decides which parties represent us in the District Municipality. There are no wards and the seats on the district Council are allocated, based on the percentage of overall votes a party gets.

Major parties have failed us. Both of the major parties have had opportunities to govern over the last ten years. The DA actually won with a majority in 2011, but failed to deliver on their election promises. Therefore in 2016 the DA lost its majority and had to form a coalition with other parties until it handed the town to the ANC at the end of 2019

With enough votes KIM can hold the balance of powerSo how can Knysna be saved? After studying the results of recent by-elections it is clear that no party can win a governing majority of 11 Councillors. Either the DA or the ANC will need to form a coalition with other parties.

The same analysis projects that KIM will probably get two or three Council seats. KIM’s careful candidate selection process means that these Councillors will be a force to be reckoned with and not be pushed around by the bigger parties. They will be able to apply their minds and vote with their consciences on all issues, fulfilling a role as “gatekeepers” to ensure that corruption is rooted out and that every cent is directed towards service delivery.

If enough voters cast all three of their ballots for KIM we can start fixing Knysna, and have some influence at District Council level, where there is also corruption and Knysna has not benefitted as much as we can from District Municipal service delivery.

#Knysna #Sedgefield #voteyourvaluesnotyourfear

Why votes for independents or smaller parties are NOT wasted votes and why change is so desperately needed in Knysna.”

Residents are invited to join a discussion with KIM candidates at the following meetings that will be held by the Knysna Independent Movement next week:

Date: Monday, 25 October 2021

Venue: Smutsville hall

Time: 18h45

Date: Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Venue: Sedgefield Community Hall

Time: 18h00



Why votes for independents or smaller parties are NOT wasted votes and why change is so desperately needed in Knysna

Residents are invited to join a discussion with KIM candidates,

Mark Willemse (Ward 10 and KIM mayoral candidate)


Siena van Schoor (Ward 9 candidate)

 at the following meetings:

Date: Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Venue: Leisure Isle Bowling Club

Time: 18h30

Date: Thursday, 28 October 2021

Venue: Knysna Angling Club

Time: 18h30


Meet your Ward 5 Candidate

The Knysna Independent Movement KIM invites you to join us for a boerewors braai and to meet our Ward 5 Candidate, Susan Campbell

Venue: Belvidere Manor Conference Centre

Date: Tuesday, the 19th of October 2021

Time: 5pm for 5:30 pm

Please share the invitation with your friends and neighbours.




As the hotly-contested race in Ward 5 heated up this weekend, the DA wheeled in the heavy artillery: Knysna native and Western Cape premier Alan Winde came down from Cape Town to hold three separate meetings with voters on Saturday: in Brenton, Belvidere and Rheenendal.


But hold on! Local by-elections rarely merit a visit from a provincial premier. Who has got the Big Blue Wave checking in  their rearview mirror?


At national, provincial and even local municipal level, the main threat to South Africa’s official opposition party is of course the ANC. 


But not in Ward 5. If we look at the results of the 2016 local elections, the ANC only managed to garner about 17% of the ballots cast in Knysna’s 5th ward—to the DA’s 74%!


Three months ago, even fewer ward 5 voters (14%) opted for the ANC in the May 2019 national and provincial election, whilst the DA still polled 68% of the total.


Similarly, this past May the “Plaaslike Besorgte Inwoners(“PBI”), only took about 10% of the votes in ward 5. As for the EFF: no one expects the party of Julius Malema to climb out of the single digits in ward 5.


That leaves only… KIM- the Knysna Independent Movement, and our candidate, Susan Campbell.


It seems that Susan “KIM” Campbell has been making serious inroads in the DA’s ward 5 stronghold over the past fortnight. Her turnout has been consistently better than or equal to premier Winde’s was on Saturday, and her performance in this past week’s debates has elicited approving statements on social media, (“The only grown-up in the room,” etc.) rather than criticism. 


Premier Alan Winde also seemed to recognise the threat posed by KIM when he sought to convince voters in Belvidere on Saturday not to vote for independents. Two weeks earlier, the DA’s campaign manager Dion George also warned against voting for independents, saying this would split the vote and allow the ANC to win. But as we have already seen, given their track record in ward 5, the ANC is not a serious contender in this race.


Even so, KIM faces a monumental task. Our party, which was registered on 19th July, only started campaigning about 3 weeks ago, whilst the DA has consistently garnered between two-thirds and three-fourths of the votes in ward 5 in the four elections since 2011. However, given the DA candidate’s less than impressive performance in the debates and the low attendance at their “Let’s Talk” functions, a victory by KIM’s Susan Campbell is still a real possibility if enough disgruntled voters make it to the polls. 


The result should be known by midnight