Answers from Susan

Here are answers to some questions Susan has received from Ward 5 residents.


1. What clout will Susan, the KIM representative, have?


Far more clout than a single councillor of either major party, because the DA and the ANC need to work with the smaller parties to form a majority and govern the town. Given Susan’s excellent relations with the three other parties that will only have one councillor each, this puts a party like KIM in the position of power-broker… and even king-maker.


2. Will a vote for KIM allow the ANC to win the ward?


Based on statistics from the National and Provincial elections in May 2019, the ANC, EFF and PBI cannot win and only KIM and the DA have a realistic chance to win the ward.


3. If Susan wins the Ward, will it hand control of the town to the ANC?


Absolutely not. The DA will still have an overall numerical advantage.



4. Is the lack of action from the DA the reason Knysna is in a mess?


Knysna is in a mess because both the DA and the ANC have neglected over the past two decades to focus on Knysna’s infrastructure and real needs. The DA has been in power in Knysna since 2011 and must bear the larger share of responsibility for our current situation. The DA has largely failed to pick competent councillors and has sidelined the most competent councilors in favour of councilors who obey the out of town party bosses and do as they are told.


5. What can be done about the exorbitant rates that the municipality is charging the church for the Parklands?


Susan has also received numerous complaints from farmers about exorbitant increases in their rates bills and will give priority to ensure that property rates that are being charged are lawful and fair.


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