During July 2018 Eden District Municipality, who are now known as Garden Route District Municipality (“GRDM”), published a notice of intention to partner with developers in respect of Farm 215 Portions 1, 2 + 3 Walkers Point, Buffalo Bay, Knysna by means of a tender process.

Portion 1 of Farm 215 Walkers Point is undeveloped, except for the southern portion, which houses municipal water treatment facilities and reservoirs as well as a communications mast and associated service road and infrastructure.

The property has high conservation value and has previously been managed by Goukamma Nature Reserve.

Portions 2 and 3 contain a caravan park, a section of the Buffalo Bay main access road, the remains of a demolished backpackers, a small number of worker’s houses, and natural vegetation.

During August 2019, our candidate Susan Campbell submitted an objection to the proposal on behalf of the Knysna Ratepayers Association.

During a DA meeting held at Belvidere on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019, when questioned about the advertisement, DA Constituency Head of Knysna, Dion George, responded that it was an old advertisement and that it is no longer proceeding.

This is incorrect.

We do not know whether Mr George is deliberately trying to mislead the public or is totally ignorant of what is going on.

Memory Booysen, the DA Mayor of the GRDM and their Municipal Manager have recently been in talks with the Knysna Municipal Manager about their plans and the plans have not yet been abandoned.

We need to remain vigilant and Susan will vigorously oppose these plans.

The GRDM has shown that they mean business when they recently advertised their intention to lease Calitzdorp Spa to a foreign company for 50 years. This has caused outrage and is currently being investigated.

The advertisement and newspaper article about this lease can be accessed via the links below:

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